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First week of October, but I still found some small bugs to photograph- A crane fly, a dragonfly, a butterfly 🙂





An Eight-Spotted Skimmer dragonfly, seen in Stanley Park in Vancouver



Yesterday I went back to the ‘damselfly-mating-tree’, but it was empty. But further down the canal there was another tree, and it was full of damselflies! While I was studying them, a dragonfly couple came flying in tandem. Next to the damselflies they looked massive. I tried to get a shot but they chose a branch of the tree on the other side (over the water) so I couldn’t get close. Luckily, they eventually moved to the grass (yes! on the “right” side of the canal, I’m so lucky!) and I could take a picture of them. They are Ruddy Darter dragonflies, in Dutch they’re called “Bloedrode heidelibel” but only the male is blood-red and the female more yellowish.

f/14 – 1/60 – ISO 400 – 60


Today, for the first time the whole summer, I finally spotted a dragonfly! A male Ruddy Darter who posed for several minutes on the grass. To say I was happy is a huge understatement, I was so thrilled I could barely hold my camera still!

Top: f/4 – 1/100 – ISO 200 – 60

Bottom: f/8 – 1/60 – ISO 800 – 60